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Wine has been mark of high culture in various civilizations. Even today, wine is considered a novelty from the highest society parties to the humble home dinner. A glass can help you unwind, it can help you relax and it is detoxifying. However, only the truest wine collector knows the divinity in getting a bouquet whiff of a full bodied wine that has been aired just right. George Nader is here to help you understand everything that you ever wanted to know about wines.
If you are not a wine connoisseur yet, then you probably should be. A wine connoisseur does not necessarily have to become a collector. You do not have to splurge hundreds of dollars and create a wine cellar. You can simply read about George Nader’s collections and educate yourself. A man who knows his wine bottle and a woman who understands her wine tastes are formidable companions. You can become an instant hit among your peers and friends by sharing especial tidbits about the various breeds of wine. You can learn about these various facts, history, making, tips and the perfect glass of your favorite wine right here from the George Nader wine collection. You cannot go wrong in learning about wines here.
We are your one-stop shop even when you want to simply know the latest trends in the wine bazaar. George Nader is a truly dependable wine connoisseur. Over the years Nader has ensured that he always stays ahead in the game and on top of his other connoisseur friends. We bring to you the latest and the rarest of wine species right here. The wines we have on display vary from Pinot Noir to Malbec. There is not a single culture that has been left out in our quest. You can read about every type of wine, from white to red to everything in between right here.
In many cultures wine has been paired with the fine arts. Indeed, George Nader believes that there is something of a fire in a person’s soul that is kindled with a glass of wine. Painters, writers, actors, musicians etc. have always had a penchant for a glass of wine. Even for the common fellow, a glass of wine can go a long way in getting creative juices flowing. In fact, may doctors stress that a glass of wine every day can better help your health and assist you in performing your chores beautifully.

At this wine collection site by Mr. George Nader, you shall be able to read about various wines. Some of them are:
A wine with deep roots placed in German heritage dated back to 16th century. Riesling has garnered a top spot among the white wine connoisseurs.
Merlot, a French origination actually means blackbird in the language. It is among the most popular red wines in America and has many features that make it so.
Grenache grapes were once considered vile and actually uprooted. Today, this black hero has become a necessity in many wine cellars.
There are many more wine types that have been listed by George Nader as an absolute must to possess.