Culture can be shown in many ways and one in particular that not only shows class, culture and refinement as well as the fun of actually collecting something that you have learned about are becoming a Wines Collector. All over the country and world the collecting of wines has grown to become a passion among many as well as a favorite activity that is enjoyed by even the most casual wine drinkers. The fun of collecting wine is you can select from vintages you enjoy and gain a great appreciation for what goes into a wine and what the subtle differences might be between vintages.

Whether you love to drink a white or red wine, or even something in between, learning about the history of wine, what causes certain years to have a flavor that varies from another can be intriguing and nearly a romantic experience. The variations of climates and temperature changes for a particular year might yield a wine that has a different flavor just as much as a dry year versus a year that offered excellent moisture throughout the grape growing season. Going back even farther than the production of wine, which is now done with machinery and not as much with a stomping of the grapes, you can learn why the different grape stompers may have caused various flavors to be present in the wine.

George Nader is a leading Wine Collector and historian with years of experience visiting various vineyards around the world sampling different offerings from various countries and enjoying the flavors that can be found in different wines. George offers his expertise to share with you his knowledge of the history and creation of what wine has been in the past to what it is now and even what he sees as the future of wine as technology and manufacturing grows.

In many corners of the world, wine has now been paired with painting to allow wine connoisseurs to learn how to paint in a setting and have something they created themselves to take home and show off to their families as well as enjoy some great wine with a group of like-minded fun loving people. This has taken the enjoyment of drinking wine to a new level, which gives many people the chance to be creative and feel cultured and creative for an evening of fun and learning, which always go well together.

For anyone who has the chance to meet with George Nader, he invites you to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. As a fellow Wines Collector, the enjoyment of a great wine can be discussed online or in person, whichever works for you. Check out George’s collection of fine wines, see what he is selections are as recommendations to be enjoyed with a variety of meals and pick his brain to learn all about the long and storied history of wine. Being a Wines Collector can be a labor of love and a romantic experience, enjoy yours with some expert guidance from George Nader.