There is something for everyone with a glass of Chardonnay wine ( ). George Nader personally favors the unoaked kind which is dry, lean and with a mineral texture in comparison with the oaked kinds that can be creamy and rich. These grapes are the most widely planted in the vineyards across California which makes it a good option for both a light and zesty flavor as well as the expensive variants. Let’s begin with the two distinct variations of Chardonnay white wine before we begin to explore its taste, nuance, texture and flavor pairing.

Oaked Chardonnay
Many connoisseurs also refer to it as Buttery Chardonnay. These types of wines are rich, full bodied and have additional flavors such as vanilla and caramel from the oak. A warm climate Chardonnay will give you more tropical fruits flavor while a cool climate will provide a nice citrus flavor. Needless to say both variants are extremely creamy and rich.
George Nader has many oaked variants such as Marcassin, Mâconnais and Tormaresca in the wine cellar.

Unoaked Chardonnay
A personal favorite of Mr. George Nader, these bottles are truly a delicacy. You can enjoy a wonderful glass of beautifully clear Chardonnay even without any accompaniments. To the amateur taster, the flavors will remind something of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris. The flavor depends extremely on the ripening of the grapes. They can vary between apples and figs from less ripe to more ripe. You might even get hints of lemon and pineapples if you are careful with your taste buds.
Evening Land and Brocard are considered extremely good options in this variant.