Let’s begin with the aroma, flavor and taste. There are various fruity and mature flavors to begin with because of medium tannin and viscosity. Also, the acidity is medium as is the alcohol content. The taste and color of this rich tasting wine is something between the subtle flavors of Pinot Noir and more robust taste of Syrah.

The fruity tastes are that of berries between Strawberry, Raspberry and Black cherry. It is said that even the most poignant wine tasters sometimes get foxed by the secrets of Grenache. In fact, in early 17th century the wine makers of Burgundy blended Grenache with neighboring Rhone region in order to provide a fuller texture.

Today, wine mixing is illegal in respect of regions that allow you as a wine taster to better acquaint with the bouquet and extraordinary richness of this vapid wine.
Other flavors in Grenache include citrus, tobacco, cinnamon and anise.