The flavorful texture and bold tastes can make Malbec a great accompaniment with the most absurd food items. This wine can surely bring out the adventurous side in you as per George Nader. You can pair it with funky blue cheese as well as any kind of red meat like Ostrich (if you are up for it). This playful wine deserves taste buds that like to explore. You can have it and not lose flavor even with a black pepper buffalo burger. Now, red meat is something that many people avoid with the most popular wines because of the extra-long finish. However, Malbec can help you in this aspect as it does not have a super long finish.
You can even pair it with earthy flavors like a beef brisket or pork shoulder. Spices and herbs included should be of the smoky kinds such as thyme, sumac, garlic, smoked paprika etc.