Grenache grapes were once considered vile and actually uprooted. Today, this black hero has become a necessity in many wine cellars. There are many more wine types that have been listed by George Nader as an absolute must to possess.

Grenache or Garnacha ( ) is responsible for some of the best wines in the world. However, in recent times the acreage for this grape has fallen drastically. The wine collection of George Nader possesses some of the most expensive and delicious Grenache wines from exalted regions such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape. America is a premium grape vine grower and you shall find many cult Grenache growers in California. This red bodied wine has many features that are characteristic of a popular and devout wine connoisseur. There are so many levels and textures to your common Grenache that you cannot avoid learning more about it and becoming a fan.