There are many wine connoisseurs who feel that Malbec ( ) is a lowly wine, not worthy of taste and time. However, George Nader in his extreme equality thinks that Malbec has many features apart from being inexpensive that can give superior wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah a run for their money. The taste, texture and full bodied aroma are reckoned with. You will not be disappointed with an earthy flavor when paired with funky dishes like blue cheese.

This wine variety is very prone to diseases and pests and cannot grow with the same acidity in lower elevations as well. Hence, all but Argentina stopped producing Malbec. However, it is coming back with ferocious speed. There are only 100, 000 acres of Malbec grapes grown in the world. Argentina and France take the top spot with America trailing close behind and finishing with Chile, Australia and South Africa. A very good incentive in the eyes of Mr. George Nader to become a fan.