A wine with deep roots placed in German heritage dated back to 16th century. Riesling has garnered a top spot among the white wine connoisseurs.

Riesling grape variety is native to the Rhine region near Mosel River in Germany. Many experts pick up a flavorful taste of slate rocks with the added sweetness. They seem to believe that it is because of the soil type found in this region. Riesling variety is also grown abundantly in the States, New Zealand, Australia and France. This seemingly insipid white wine has captured the hearts of many wine collectors all over the world, especially George Nader. Because it is grown in the States as well, there are many variations to the original Riesling available. (https://www.wine.com/list/wine/white-wine/riesling/7155-125-153 ) But let’s begin with the aroma first.