As mentioned earlier, the taste greatly depends on the region or elevation these grapes are grown. If the wine is from higher elevation then you most certainly can expect a distinct acidic flavor that is so characteristic of a Malbec wine bottle. Many people seem to believe that this wine is industriously oaked. However, as per George Nader the cheapest of Malbec wines are not oaked for more than 6 months.

You can expect the usual fruity flavors. However, cooler climate will lend a cherry like taste while hotter climates will provide a more plum or blackberry flavor. Pomegranate, Raspberry and Raisins are also among the bolder flavors. Subtler hints of chocolate, cocoa, mocha, molasses and milk are also there; only if you have a taste for it. The right kind of Malbec will lend discernible gravel like flavor mixed with a hint of tobacco and leather.